How much does it cost?

Many factors go into the price of the tattoo. Size, placement, detail level, and time it would take to complete,and more all factor into the price of a tattoo. As such, we do not give tattoo price quotes over the phone or email, but we would be happy to answer any questions or set up a consultation. Our artists want to make sure you get the piece you want, the way you want it, and that is best decided in person. At your consultation, a deposit is required to hold an appointment, they range from $20 to $100, and the amount is determined based on size of the piece, placement, time it will take to complete, etc. The deposit does come off the price of your tattoo when you show up for you appointment. Example, if your tattoo will cost you $100 and you leave a $20 deposit, you only owe $80 when you show up for your tattoo. But remember, if you don't call and reschedule, and don't show up for your appointment, you lose your deposit. The deposit holds your appointment, and if you don't show up for it you booked up time that the artist could be using on another piece. Most piercings start at $40.00 (including jewelry), and it goes up for there. If you are wondering the price of a specific piercing, feel free to stop by or give us a call.